And Now…What You’ve All Been Waiting For…(Avengers #1 and #2)

Well, at least it’s what I’ve been waiting for! Avengers was one of the main series I wanted to pick up from the get-go. Unfortunately, my comic store was out of issue #1, and the only restocked last Wednesday. So I finally got to read the series that I had been wanted to pick up from the beginning!

Avengers 1

Avengers #1 – Interesting way to start a new comic, with so much foreshadowing I’m not sure which piece to look at first. There was talk of wars and falls and dying moons…I’m not sure if any of this was supposed to have happened in the past, or something that we’re supposed to be looking forward to. It’s hard to tell. But I liked the initial exchange between Stark and Rogers and their whole idea of getting bigger, though there were other things happening in that exchange that were a lot more interesting…and I’ll get to those later.

Then, we rather suddenly jump forward a month and suddenly we’re on Mars with a rather strange trio of characters that are throwing…mini terraforming blob things…down to earth in order to remake it. Not quite sure why…and not quite sure why the robotic one seems more interested in destroying the world instead. Anywho, a blob is hurled at earth, and I guess the Avengers were waiting for it because they appear and destroy it before it reaches earth. Then they land on Mars and have a really quick battle which ends in everyone beaten except for Hulk, who’s been enchanted to follow the trio instead. Then Cap is sent back to earth and puts out a call to the others that Tony and Steve had been talking about earlier.

Is it bad to say I only recognized about three of the eight or nine characters that appeared on the final page? The rest are a complete mystery to me…which could make this series interesting…

Anywho, I was all ready to say that this was really a so-so opening when I reread it and realized something:

In that initial opening exchange between Tony and Steve, when Tony wakes Steve up, Tony asks if Steve was having a bad dream. Cut to a panel where there are four people in a black room standing above our Point of View, two of which are Reed Richards and Black Panther. The scene is eerily familiar to anyone who’s read New Avengers #3, becuase that’s about how that issue ends.

Now, of course, I can’t know this for sure. There’s certainly no other evidence of a connection and I’ve only heard whispers that these two series are related, so I don’t have a lot to go on here, but lets suspend disbelief for a moment and just assume that’s true. Which means the beginning of Avengers #1 happens sometime after New Avengers #3. Cap’s memory has been wiped, but apparently there’s enough left that he still sees the scene in his dream. My guess is that this would be pretty soon after the end of New Avengers #3, maybe even the evening after. That would help to explain why Tony can’t sleep, given what else is on his mind. And, given what they’ve all just been through, expansion would actually be a good idea, cause who knows when the world is going to try and come to an end again and he may need to be gone?

Of course, who knows if any of the above is true. I certainly don’t. But the possibility is enough that I want to keep reading, just to see if there is something to that silly extra panel!

Avengers 2


This issue was ALL about background…seriously. What little we saw of the present was really just a catalyst to throw us into another flashback. We got the background of the Trio on Mars (Ex Nihilo, Abyss, and Aleph) pretty much directly followed by the background of what Tony and Steve did to get this team together, their thought process, how they got people to sign on. Then, in the last few pages, we got the team in the present, abandoning the Quinjet that I assume they were retrofitting to get to Mars, and taking a portal instead (what was the point of showing us the Quinjet then?)

All in all, I was not horribly fond of this issue. I mean, it did what it had to do, in that it gave us all the background that was missing from Issue #1. It just felt like it was all stuffed into one little place, just to get it out of the way. I’m not usually a huge fan of that form of storytelling. Is this common for Comics though? To have one giant issue to explain the background of what got us to this point? Or does that vary by author? I’m not quite sure what the convention here is.

Since I didn’t talk about it with the last issue, I should talk about the artwork a bit as well. I like the artist does human faces. I always think they look good and interesting. I think he does people well. Not as big of a fan of anything else, though. It’s not bad…it’s just not what I would rank among my favorites in terms of artwork.

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