Back to the Future (All New X-Men #2 and #3)

Another series that I filled in the gaps for last Wednesday was X-Men. I think I was actually more excited for this one than Iron Man, because of the first issue. It was the start of a really compelling storyline, and one that I really wanted to know more about.

All New X-Men 2

All New X-Men #2: This was a set-up issue – there’s no doubt about that. That’s not to say it wasn’t a good set-up issue! There was very little action going on, but I felt like that was more than made-up for in little moments that were happening throughout the story. We got the young X-Men team into the future after a little bit of convincing – and there were some wonderful moments there between Hank and Jean. Hank forgetting that she couldn’t read his mind, and just having a hard time talking to her because of what he knows.  We also finally let everyone know that Hank is very sick. One thing that struck me as interesting and possibly ominous: Jean’s powers awakening early – I’m not entirely sure, but I don’t think that’s a good thing. At least, I hope we’re going to see some ramification from that, because of we don’t, I’d say that was a little too convenient!

Okay, but still, all of those silly moments that just made this issue so lovable:

1) Kitty and Bobby in Hank’s Lab. “Why do geniuses always have to tell you they’re geniuses?”
2) Young Bobby after Hank mentions what Scott has done. “He’s WAAAAY too boring to bring on the Apocalypse.”
3) As they’re entering time cube, Young Scott: “So we understand each other, if this is a trap, I blow off your head” Hank: “I know, Scott” Can’t you just hear the exasperation? 😛
4) Wolverine teaching a class on how to combat Ninjas
5) Bobby and Young Bobby’s reaction upon seeing each other, simultaneous “AAAAAAGGHH!”
6) After Jean puts Wolverine to sleep, did you see his position? Like a baby…knees tucked in, butt in the air. I cracked up laughing.
7) Bobby: “But on the bright side, TV sets are MUCH nicer in the future. Not as nice as I thought they’d be but still.”

I would happily reread this issue multiple times just for those little moments 🙂

Artwork is still awesome, not to mention the pacing again. Most big reveals always happen on the next page, which is really nice.

All New X-Men 3

I swear, this series just keeps throwing curve-balls at us. Now, not only do we have five X-Men from the past in our present, one who’s powers are awakening earlier than they should be, but we also have members of Cyclops’s group with less powers or less control over their powers. From what was being said, it sounds like anyone who was impacted by the Phoenix force (man…I’m starting to want to read Avengers vs. X-Men. I know not many people like it…but I feel like it keeps coming up!) has their mutant abilities lowered or they’ve lost control of them. I’m not quite sure which…

This issue focused on Cyclops and his group, rescuing Emma Frost (who didn’t seem to happy about it…), finding a base, arguing with each other a bit (Magneto is PISSED off…) and going to collect another mutant just before being confronted by the Young X-Men group. And…that was our cliffhanger, with the two groups staring one another down. If this series does anything well, it set itself up so that we have to keep going out to get the next issue! Because…really, how can we leave after that ending?

I liked the focus on Cyclops and his group for this issue. We get a little more insight into his motivation, and also into the dynamics of his group. It kind of also gives you an idea of where he’s trying to go – setting up his own school. I was interested in the fact that he wanted to name it after Xavier…Though now, what I’m really curious about is how he reacts when he fully realizes what he’s seeing at the end of this issue. Yes…I am hung up on the ending…sorry 😛

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