Wait…What Was I Doing? (Secret Avengers #1)


Secret Avengers #1 was another comic among the giant pile I picked up that second day, after some heavy recommendations from SM.  I couldn’t read the actual Avengers series (I picked up a few on the same day, but they were missing #1 at the store…and yes, my OCD-like need for a complete story kept me from reading what I had) so I figured this would be good.

Now, I have to say that I’m already a pretty big fan of Hawkeye (because of the Hawkeye comic) and Coulson (because of the movie) so I’m probably going to be a little more biased here. But I did like this one. Art wise, it wasn’t bad. There were a few times where faces seemed a little wierd (and a whole page where I was really debating if they wanted Coulson to look like he’d gotten Botox) But I liked the colors and the tone they set. It worked well.

Story-wise, the idea is intriguing. That these two are willing to jump into a team where they can’t even know why they’re on the team, and any time they’re not working missions, they’re not allowed to remember they’re even part of the team? What in the world would make anyone sign up for that? I assume that’s going to be a big piece of this story eventually, which I’m really curious to find out. They seemed to make a lot of references to a former team, which I assume was from the previous Secret Avengers…I might have to check that out just to confirm. And I wonder if the reason they joined might be buried somewhere in that series. Hmmm…

Oh, and can someone please explain the command structure of SHIELD to me? I know Maria Hill is usually the Director, but she’s the acting director in this one, under someone named Daisy Johnson, who I’ve never heard of. And Fury…who isn’t the same Fury from the movie (and provided one of the more amusing moment when Hawkeye compared it to James Bond) but looks far too much like him. I am rather confused. I’m going to have to add a few of these to the list of things to figure out below.

All in all, a good start – I definitely want more, and plan on picking up the next issue of this one.

Plots to Find in Older Comics:

  • Who is this new Nick Fury? – Medium Priority. If he’s going to be a major character in Secret Avengers, I kind of want to know who he is…
  • Previous Team for Hawkeye and Black Widow – Medium Priority. I think it might be the last series of Secret Avengers, and I wonder if something that happened there will be the reason they joined here.
  • Shield Command Structure – Low Priority. We probably don’t need this for most of the stories, but it would be nice to know.
  • Who Else was in the Sinister Six? – Low Priority. Mentioned in Spiderman #1 and #3, but not necessary to know. Like always, just curious.
  • War Against Phoenix Force – Low Priority. This was mentioned in Hulk #1, but not integral. Just curious.
  • Hawkeye’s Past – Low Priority. This is totally out of my own curiosity. You don’t need to know this to understand what’s going in in Hawkeye. It’s mentioned briefly, but it’s really not expanded on much.
  • Tony’s first experience with Extremis – Low Priority. It’s not something that it that integral to the plot, so it’s more of a curiosity than anything else
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3 thoughts on “Wait…What Was I Doing? (Secret Avengers #1)

  1. •Who is this new Nick Fury? – Medium Priority. If he’s going to be a major character in Secret Avengers, I kind of want to know who he is…
    Nick Fury Jr. or Marcus Johnson is the son of the original Nick Fury of Marvel Comics. For more on him check-out the Battle Scars series for his origin and debut. It was Marvel’s attempt at having an african-american character named Nick Fury to match up with the Movie Universe as the orginal one in the comics was white.

  2. andythursby says:

    Tho to complicate matters, movie version of Nick Fury came from the Ultimate Marvel universe of comics, he first appeared there in 2001 and was deliberately designed to look like Samuel L Jackson.

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