Not Everything is As It Seems (Mind the Gap #1)

So, that very first day in the Comic Shop, while I was wandering around looking at covers, a couple of titles that I hadn’t heard of caught my eye enough for me to open them up and take a look at the first few pages. One of these was Mind the Gap #1:


I fell in love with the artwork from the moment I opened it. I had no idea what was going on, or what anyone was talking about, and I didn’t read more than three pages, but I wanted to take it home and read through it. So I took a chance and picked this up along with the recommended titles from SM.

And here, you’re going to need a little more background: What little I knew about comic books made me think that comic books involved superheros, in one form or the other. So I figured that whoever the hero of this book was, he or she didn’t show up in the first few pages that I read in the store. I was fully expecting one to pop out of the woodwork at some point.

So, imagine my surprise when I’m met with a supernatural/mystery/thriller story with so many twists and turns that I don’t even know where to start! This book blew away any expectations I had for it. Between the attack on Elle, the obvious drama in Elle’s family, the tension between her family and friends, the two doctors who are both working on the case that are at each other’s throats, the hoodie man who obviously had something to do with the attack, the random cop that shows up at Dr. Geller’s door, the scientist guy who had a file on Elle and was taking it to someone before Hoodie-guy stopped him – there are so many questions running around that I don’t know where to start!! And that’s just what’s going on in the real world. There’s still the world within Elle’s head, the fact that she remembers very little of what happened, the definite clues and hints in the flashback page that only has a few words and snippits, and the fun little ending where she woke up in Estaban’s body. I’m still trying to figure out how all of this fit into this one little comic!

This one is a definite keeper, one that I’m probably going to follow for a long time. There are too many unanswered questions and too many possibilities running around! Too bad I haven’t managed to get my hands on #2 yet (hopefully tomorrow – the downtown comic shop said they had tracked one down for me and it should arrive by then) but I do have #3, #4, and #5 waiting in the wings already. I’m hoping this is going to be a tight story, where everything does eventually come together at the end. It’s hard to say just yet, but I’ve got high hopes!

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